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How can I create / edit adverts on my website?

You can create a banner, carousel slide or text advertisement on the front end of your webstore to get the attention of your customers.

  1. To create an advertisement from the Neto dashboard, navigate to Webstore > Advertising Campaigns.

  2. To add a new campaign click on Add New Campaign from the top right hand side and select Banner, Carousel Slide or Text Advert.

    The different types of banners

    Banner Advert: These consist of a single image. Banner ad sizes can be defined during creation. You can create multiple banner ads and assign them to different categories or locations on your website. If multiple banner ads appear in a single location, the system will automatically rotate the banner each time the page is loaded.

    Banner, Carousel Slide or Text Advert: These consist of an image, headline and body of text with a link through to the adverts targeted page. You can create multiple ad units and assign them to different categories or locations on your website. If multiple ad units appear in a single location, the system will automatically rotate the ad unit each time the page is loaded.

  3. Enter a Start and End date of the campaign (if required) and a Group (leave blank for homepage).

    Groups are used if you have multiple banners on your site, so you can select the correct page. For an example on implemnenting groups on your category page, see our tweak library. You can also add a Sort Order in case you want this ad to appear before others. Press Save & Continue.

  4. In the Ad Builder section, enter text that will be used for the customer to see. This will also be indexed by search engines like Google. This is the headline text that will appear over your banner image.

  5. Add Call to Action Link Text. This is the text that will appear in the button which will link to a product, page or product category.

  6. Select this from the drop down menu under Links To. Select the type of page you want to link to. If it is a product, enter the SKU or product name and select the product from the results. If it is a page or category, select the page in the second drop down menu.

  7. Click on Browse or Choose File under Image to select the banner from your computer. It is recommend that banner be in JPEG format. JPEG compresses the image better than other formats and would reduce the time it takes to display the image on your site. Here are a list of recommended image widths:

    Banner sizeWidth
    Full width of the screen / web browser2000 pixels
    Width of the web page1140 pixels
    Width of page with another column850 pixels
  8. Once you select the banner image, the following options will appear:

    • Convert To: Select the image format. If you banner is a JPEG, leave it blank, otherwise select JPEG (.jpg). (optional)

    • Quality: If you are converting the image to JPEG, you can select the quality of the image. The lower the percentage the smaller the file size and the less time it takes to download the image. Use 70%, it is a good balance between quality and file size. (optional)
    • Width: If you want to change the image width, enter the width. (optional)
    • Height: If you want to change the image height, enter it. Leave it blank if you want the height to be calculated based on the width. (optional)
    • Add white space to force size: If the width and height are different than the aspect ratio of the image, white bands will be added to the image to make it the selected size. (optional)
  9. Select the page where you want the banner to appear. Under the Location section, select the page type from the drop down menu. If the banner is to display on the home page, select Home Page. Otherwise, a second drop down menu will appear, select the page from the list. Then click on the Add button so it appears on the right.

  10. Click on Save.

Can I have more than one banner ad?

If you have scrolling banners set up in your website design you can have more than one banner per location. Add another banner as per the instructions above and set it to the desired location.

To delete an advertising campaign

  1. Go to Webstore > Advertising Campaigns.
  2. Click on the checkbox on the left of the the ad you want to delete
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select With Selected > Delete.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017 Neto Version: 6.9