How do I create / edit featured products ads?

  1. Go to Webstore > Advertising Campaigns

  2. Click on Add New Campaign button on the top right hand side.

  3. Select if you want to use a Banner, Carousel or a Feature Product Ad

  4. Enter a Campaign Name

  5. Select the Group. Depending on the design of your website theme, you may have a number of groups (or positions to display the Featured Product Ads). If unsure, leave it deselected.

  6. Set dates for start and end of campaign, if relevant. If no dates are set the ad will appear indefinitely.

7. Click on Save & Continue

8. Under the Location section, set where you want the ads to appear on the website.

Choose the content type from the first drop down menu and select the pages name from the second drop down menu. Click on the Add button. You will see the page appear on the right.

You can set the campaign to appear on multiple locations on your website.

In the Products section, you can add the products that you want to feature. To add a product, click on the Add Product button. Under the SKU you can search on the products SKU or name.

Click on one of the search results to add to the list. You can choose the order of the featured products by entering a number in the Sort Order field. The highest number will appear first and the lowest last.

Click on the Save button.

  1. Go to Webstore > Advertising Campaigns

  2. Select the ad you want to edit.

  3. Change any of the settings as desired (see the To create a Featured Product Ad above for details on changing the advert).

  4. Save the changes

To change the sort order

You can change the display order (sort order) of your product by editing the sort order value against each SKU. The higher the value entered, the higher up in the list an item will appear.

For example, 99 will appear above 89. This gives you the flexibility to add a new specific at a later date and have it appear at the top of your list without having to reorder your entire list.

  1. Go to Webstore > Advertising Campaigns

  2. Select the ad you want to edit

  3. Enter the order in the Sort Order field for each product

  4. Save the changes.

  • Last Modified: 18/11/2016 Neto Version: 6.3