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How do I setup a rewards points program?

This article requires the Rewards Program addon from the Neto addon store.

Setting up a Rewards Program for your customer is a very useful incentive to offer, especially for customers who consistently process big orders.

To set up a functioning Rewards Program, go to Marketing > Voucher & Reward Programs > Add New Program.

Step 1 - Select a Program Type and Name your Program

This will determine the type of reward or credit a customer receives when purchasing a related product.

  1. Set the Program Type to Reward/Loyalty Program.
  2. Set the Status to Active. Setting it to Inactive will turn off the program.
  3. If you want to hide the rewards program on the front end of you site, select Hidden for Visibility, otherwise leave it as Visible.
  4. Enter a Title for the program. This is visible to the public.
  5. You can also enter a Subtitle. This is visible to the public but is not required.
  6. Set a Program Start date. Customers will not be able to earn points or redeem before this date.
  7. Set a Program End date. Customers will not be able to earn points or redeem after this date. If you don’t want the program to end, you can leave this blank.

Step 2 - Define Usage Rules

Here you can define the value of credit earned as well as program restrictions, start and end dates.

  1. The Redeem Code Prefix will be applied to all system generated voucher/reward codes that get sent to your customer.
  2. Select the Use points Instead of AUD tick box.
  3. The field defines how many points must be spent to equal a dollar. For example, if a customer has earned 1000 points, and 20 points equals 50.00.
  4. You can set when these points expire after the purchase date by entering the number of days in Vouchers / Points Expire.
  5. Set a Program Earn Start date. Customers will not be able to earn points before this date.
  6. Set a Program Earn End date. Customers will not be able to earn points after this date. If you don’t want the program to end, you can leave this blank.
  7. You can limit which Customer User Groups will be a part of the reward program. Under Available To User Group, uncheck the groups that will be excluded from the program.

We will be setting the rules for how those points are earned in a moment.

Step 3 - Define the Reward a Customer Earns

Add at least one reward rule to determine how much customers earn through this program.

Reward Earning Rules

Reward Earning Rules are the pin on which the whole program hangs. It determines exactly how your customers will be earning their points and at what rate.

  1. Click on Add Reward Rule to add earning rules. At least one rule is required.
  2. You can Include Shipping Cost In Calculation if you would like to have the amount spent on Shipping included on how a customer earns points.
  3. You can also stipulate which product this would apply to with the Applies to drop down. You can have it apply to all products in an Order, or only those that have had the program applied through their product pages. You will find the setting in the Voucher/Reward Programs section when editing the product details. You can create multiple earning rules each with their own settings:
    • Spend From defines what minimum needs to be spent to start earning points.
    • Earn defines how many points are earned for “X” dollars spent.
    • Max Earn Amount defines a maximum on how many points can be earned in one Order.
    • Earn Start/End once again can be defined to stipulate when those points can be earned.
  4. If you add one too many rules by accident, you can delete them by clicking on the red cross on the right, which will mark it off to be deleted on Save.

Redemption Limits

Redemption Limits are there to provide more restrictions on minimums, maximums, and being able to redeem in multiples (for example, can only be redeemed when $50 is spent, equalling 1000 points each time).

  1. Minimum Redeem Amount - set an minimum dollar amount that can be redeemed at a time.
  2. Maximum Redeem Amount - set an maximum dollar amount that can be redeemed at a time.
  3. Can only be redeemed in multiples of - set a dollar amount. If you enter 50 or multiples of $50 can be redeemed.

Step 4 - Select a Design for your Reward Program Emails

This will determine what is emailed to your customers when they earn a reward.

  1. Email Template - select the email template that will be used. There is only one be default but multiple templates can be created for different programs.
  2. Description - enter the text that will appear in the email sent to customers.

Design for the emails send out to your customers is an important customer facing final touch to a Rewards Program. We have a default template available as standard, with the option of getting in touch with our Design Team to create one that suits you.

Once you have finished, select Add Program and your customers will be able to start earning points. They can also see how many they’ve accrued in the My Account section.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017 Neto Version: 6.9