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Setup discount coupon triggers / requirements and events

We will be going through all the available triggers and events you can use when setting up a discount.

  1. From the Neto dashboard, navigate to Marketing Discounts/coupons.

  2. Click Add New button on the top right hand side.

  3. Add your Discount Details, including your discount code, name and status.

  4. Set your Discount Type. Private means the user has to be logged into the system to use, public means guests can use this discount. If you only want customers to use the discount once, you will need to set the discount to private.

  5. Set Exclusivity of your discount. It’s recommended setting this to: Cannot be used with other offers to ensure a double up of discounts does not occur.

  6. Set the remaining options and click Save Changes.

    Field Name Description
    Discount Start Date The date that the discount or promotion starts or becomes active.
    Discount End Date The date that the discount or promotion ends or becomes inactive
    Automatically Apply Discount Discount will automatically apply if requirements are met (customer does not need to enter discount code)
    Usage Rules How often can this discount be used by a single user
    Maximum Discount Allowed he maximum $ discount earned from this discount per order
    Sort Order The order of display for this discount in relation to other discounts on an single order
  7. Click on the Discount Requirements/Triggers tab. Discount triggers are a set of requirements that must be met before a discount will be applied. Eg. A customer must purchase a quantity of 5 or more of the same product in order for the discount to trigger.

    Each trigger will have its own spend requirement which is nothing by default and have an Exclude option, which if ticked will cause the trigger to fail if its conditions are met.

    The Category trigger requires that a product belonging to the category specified exists in the customers cart.

    The Coupon Code trigger is used as an alternative to using the Discount Code, but more importantly allows you to assign codes to customers so that a specific code will only work for a specific user.

    • Using the Category trigger, a customer must purchase $500.00 or more in the Sample Product Category.

    • Using the Order subtotal trigger, a customer must have a checkout subtotal of $100.00 or more.

    • Using the Order subtotal trigger, a customer must have a checkout subtotal of $100.00 or more AND in combination with the Coupon Code trigger, a customer must also add the FREESHIP coupon into the checkout.

    Trigger Description
    Customer Username Will only activate if the customer’s username matches one you have entered
    Order Subtotal Refers to either the product Subtotal or the Shipping Subtotal
    Product Group on Order No longer in use
    Product on Order Requires that a product with the SKU specified exists in the cart.
    Quantity of Components on Product Used to specify how many pieces of a kit are required
    Quantity of Product on Order Used to specify how many of a product are required for a discount
    Shipping Identifier of Product The trigger requires that products belong to the shipping category specified
    Shipping method Selected by Customer Mandates what shipping methods are permitted for the discount
    User Group The customer buying your products belongs to the specified price group
  8. Once you’ve completed this, click Save Changes.

  9. Select the next tab called Discount Events (What’s on Offer). These specify what the customer actually receives as their discount. These can be set by selecting the “Discount Events (What’s On Offer)” section of the discount page. All discount events can have specified a max amount, a maximum number of repeats and can be deactivated like triggers.

    Discount Type Description
    Category Discounts Give a discount % or dollar amount based on the select product category
    Order or Shipping Discount Give a discount % or dollar amount based on the order subtotal or the shipping cost
    Product Discounts Give a discount % or dollar amount to selected products
    Shipping Cap Set a maximum shipping cost
  10. Set your conditions for the discount event and click Save Changes.

  11. Click on the Lightbox Pop-up tab.

  12. If you want a pop-up box to appear once a condition for discount has been met, simply set Show lightbox pop-up to yes and insert the content. Once done, click Save Changes.

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Last Modified: 06/11/2017 Neto Version: 6.9