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How do I turn on the shopping cart abandonment module?

 This support article requires the Abandoned Cart Saver addon from Neto’s Addon Store.

An average of 67.75% of all online shopping carts are abandoned. Neto helps to resolve this problem with its Abandoned Cart Saver Addon.

How it works

During a shopping session Neto collects cart and customer details. This includes cart contents and customer email address. If a customer abandons cart (leaves your website) part way through a shopping session, the system will automatically email that customer their cart contents and call to action link to encourage them to return to complete their purchase.

These emails are 100% customisable and support HTML and CSS. You can include details of the products in their cart, a message and even a coupon code!

How long after a customer abandons cart is the email sent?

We define an abandoned cart customer as a customer that has not made changes to their shopping cart for at least 1 hour. After this time has passed the notification email will be sent.

Does this work for guest checkout or customers that have not registered?

Yes, the system captures data even if a customer has not completed the registration process. As soon as a customer inputs data into an email address field or adds items to cart, it is captured by the addon.

How do I customise the abandon cart email template?

Please Note: Modifying email templates requires knowledge of HTML and our B@se Tag’s. If you’re not familiar with either our design team can provide a quote for your changes.

  1. From the Neto Dashboard navigate to Setup & Tools > All Settings & Tools.

  2. Select the System Templates tab and choose Email Templates.

  3. The email template will be under ID 31 - Abandoned Cart Email Template.

  4. Click on the tempalte name Default.

  5. From this location you can edit the HTML and text of the email template and save changes.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017 Neto Version: 6.8