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How do I create targeted email marketing lists for Neto M@il (Neto Mail)?

Segmenting your database into lists allows you to send specific emails to a subset of your user base. You can create as many lists as you like and then send emails to these lists from within your Neto M@il account.

  1. To do this, simply add filters or rules to each list to segment your customer base. From the Neto dashboard, navigate to Marketing > Email Marketing Control Panel.

  2. Under Contact Lists, click the Add New button.

  3. Fill out the list details including a name, sender email and name.

  4. In the List Filter section, choose rules to apply in order to create your list. In our example, we’ve created a list of customers who purchased ‘Nike (ID 259193)’ brand items before 31 December 2016.

  5. Click the Test Filter button underneath to calculate the number of users found in the database.

  6. Click Save & Close button. The system will automatically sync your list up to your Neto M@il account and keep your list up-to-date.

Please be aware, synchronisation is completed one way from Neto to Neto M@il. Please ensure all new customers are managed and updated within Neto.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017 Neto Version: 6.9