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Comparison Shopping & Affiliate Networks

Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs), unlike marketplaces, are traffic drivers. They are portals that allow online shoppers to compare products from multiple online retailers side-by-side. You typically pay CSEs for each lead they deliver to your website.

CSEs enable online retailers to quickly gain greater reach and product exposure. Many CSEs also allow retailers to include their logo in their listings which leads to increased brand awareness. CSEs are typically high traffic sites, frequented by consumers who are at the end of the buying cycle, looking for the best deal on a product they want to buy. Consumers are presented with most of the information they need to make a purchase decision on the Comparison Shopping Website, meaning the traffic from such sites is highly targeted, producing better than average conversion rates.

Australian Comparison Shopping Websites

Neto works closely with and recommends the following CSEs. You can generate data feeds for all of these engines directly from your Neto administration control panel:


In the CSE space, Getprice, and consistently deliver good conversion rates for our clients, although ROI varies drastically from category to category. Providing accurate and optimised data to CSEs is an important factor that drastically affects conversion rates.

It is important that consumers are provided with all the data they need to make a purchase decision on the CSE before clicking through to your website. This includes accurate shipping and stock on hand data.

There is nothing worse than clicking through to a website from a CSE only to find that the item you were looking to buy is sold out or costs an exorbitant amount to deliver to your location.

At Neto, we work closely with our clients to ensure their success with CSEs. This involves developing systems and processes to ensure that the product data provided to each channel is accurate, timely and optimised to deliver the best possible results.

Comparison Shopping Website Requirements

  • Logo and company profile (for public listing on CSE website)
  • Up to date data feed (list of items) in the CSEs preferred format (Neto can generate these for you)
  • Credit card to pay for leads received.

Affiliate Networks

Affiliates networks, like CSEs, are traffic drivers. Each network typically consists of thousands of affiliate websites and businesses ready and willing to market your website to their user base. Unlike CSEs though, you typically only pay the network once they deliver a sale (flat fee or % per sale).

As such there is no upfront risk involved in affiliate marketing. Like CSEs, affiliate networks enable online retailers to quickly gain greater reach and market exposure. The entire process is managed by the affiliate network and is fully transparent through the ability to track the origin of each affiliate generated sale.

Australian Affiliate Networks

Neto works closely with and recommends the following affiliate networks. You can generate data feeds for all of these networks directly from your Neto administration control panel:

Clixgalore and Commission Monster top the list in terms of reputable affiliate programs with large affiliate bases. We recommend choosing one or the other and focusing your efforts on servicing those affiliates well. Much like with CSEs, it’s important to provide your affiliates with accurate and timely data and marketing collateral to help promote your business.

Affiliate Engine Requirements

  • Clixgalore
  • Commission Monster
  • Commission Factory
  • Text advert copy (tag lines to promote your business)
  • Banner adverts of various sizes
  • Product data feed (containing up to date product and pricing data)
  • Your logo and company profile (for promoting your affiliate program to affiliates)
  • % or fixed fee you are willing to pay affiliates for each sale they generate for you

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