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How do I setup Google Shopping data feeds?

To use this service you will need to turn on the feed in Neto and have a merchant account with Google.

Once you have provided the feed URL (from Neto) to Google they will be able to display your products on their website. CSE’s will typically poll these URLS daily to update their systems with your latest inventory data.

You can opt to set this up yourself or Neto provides professional services to set this up on your behalf.

Setting up your Google Merchant Account

For more information on setting up your Google Merchant Account, visit the Google Merchant Center Beginners Guide.

Setting up your Google Shopping Feed

  1. Log in to your Google Merchant account.

  2. Click on Products in the menu and click Feeds.

  3. Select Mode as test.

  4. Select Type as Products.

  5. Select your target country.

  6. Set a feed name.

  7. Press continue.

  8. Select Scheduled fetch and press Continue.

  9. In another browser tab, open your webstore control panel. Navigate to Marketing > Shopping Feeds and select Google Shopping Data Feed and click Feed URL.

  10. Copy the feed URL and go back to the Google Merchant Center browser tab.

  11. In the file name, type in google.txt

  12. Set your fetch frequency, we highly recommend daily.

  13. Set your fetch time (set this after any other data feeds).

  14. Paste the File URL.

  15. Click Save.

  16. Click Fetch Now.

Note: If the file exceeds 20MB, it must be manually uploaded. Just simply go to the Feed URL in the browser, download the file then click the Manual Upload button on the Google Merchant Center.

Once the file has been successfully uploaded (this may take 5-15mins depending on the size), review and correct the errors which appear.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017 Neto Version: 6.8