How do I add an advert to my Facebook shop home page carousel?

This article will guide you through how to add to or edit your Facebook shop advert carousel that appears on your facebook shop home page.

Create a Facebook ad group

Go to:
Marketing > On Site Advertising > Campaign Groups

If a “facebook” group does not exist, add a new group with the name “facebook”.

This group will be used for controlling adverts on your Facebook shop.

Create an Advert for Your Home Page Carousel

Go to: Neto Control Panel > Marketing > On Site Advertising > Add New Campaign

Click “Add Image & Text Ad”

Select the Group “Facebook” and enter a start and end date for your campaign. If you want the campaign (advert) to run forever leave the date fields blank. Click “Save and Continue”

Ad Details

Add your advert details to the campaign that has now been created. Using the “Ad Builder” section enter text and upload an image for the advert.

Tip for image uploading: Upload an image that is larger than the space provided for the image on your website, the system will resize the image to fit the space.

Tip for text: All text fields are optional. If you do not want to display advert header or body text you can leave the related fields blank, this will then just display your banner image.

Define Location

For the advert to appear on your facebook home page select the location:
Information Page > Home and then click the “+ Add” button.

  • Last Modified: 18/11/2016