I'm ready! How do I "go live " or launch my ecommerce store?

Only paid account customers can go live! Please ensure you’ve signed up to a plan before proceeding.

  1. Review the seven steps in the Neto Launch Plan to double check that you have completed the setup and are ready to receive customers.

  2. Before launching your shop, we recommend placing and processing a few test orders on the website. Doing this way you can test the payment methods you have set up and familiarise yourself with order processing and shipping integration’s (if applicable).

  3. As the Go Live request involves DNS changes, you will need to allow for at least 2 business days when submitting your request. Our Launch Service team will contact you to go through the launch process where we will submit a request for an SSL certificate for your domain name and perform a quick review of your web store setup.

  4. Once the certificate is ready for your domain, we will confirm with you before setting your site live. You can select the day that you want to launch your site. We process go lives between Monday and Thursday. We don’t process go lives on a Friday or a day before public holidays just in case there is an issue that stops the site from working over the weekend/holiday.

  5. Now that you’ve completed and understood the above, you can proceed to submit your go live request.

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Last Modified: 18/07/2018 Neto Version: 6.5