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How do I setup printing with a SATO Thermal Printer?

You can now print your labels natively with Neto’s Pick’n’Pack.

Compatibility Models (this is the only models we’ve tested the integration with):

  1. To get started, download SATO’s SmaPri Drivers from the iTunes Store onto your iOS device.

  2. Open SmaPri Driver application and select printer settings from the menu at the bottom.

  3. Based on the printer model you have, select the correct printer model from the list. On this model, it’s Status 4 (1 port connection).

  4. Connect your printer by using either Bluetooth or Wifi connection. If you connect your printer via Wifi, you need to input correct printer’s IP address and its port number. This information is often printed on the printers test print page. You may need to refer to your printer manual for further assistance.

  5. Once you finish the connection, you can tap “Test Print” to test your printer.

  6. Now when you print documents in Pick’n’Pack, it should recognise the printer via the SmaPri integration automatically.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017 Neto Version: 6.8