ANZ eGate Setup

Important Notice: This is legacy documentation. Neto only supports MIGs based payment gateways. Unfortunately, ANZ has recently made changes to their gateway for new customers, moving away to an alternative solution. These changes are not compatible with the Neto platform. Instead, we recommend using our preferred gateways to accept credit card payments.

Process Outline

  1. Setup account with ANZ eGate and they will create a test Merchant Account. ANZ eGate requires you to setup your integration within a test environment before going live.

  2. Setup a Payment Method in Neto with the test account’s Merchant ID, Operator ID and Password (the bank should supply this as a PDF).

  3. Perform test transactions using the sample credit card numbers supplied by ANZ. This is to ensure there has been enough testing to identify any problems and to familiarise yourself with the product. ANZ also requires you to conduct test transactions across all the scenarios before going live.

  4. Contact ANZ to create production Merchant account.

  5. Create new operator user account in the production Merchant account and then logout of admin and login as the new operator.

  6. Locate the new Merchant ID, Operator ID and Password under ‘Configuration’ in CommWeb.

  7. Reconfigure the Payment Method in Neto with the new details.

  8. Make a real credit card payment to ensure it’s working.

Note: The Test and Production systems are identical to each other, however, they do not share data. If you create users in the test environment, they will not appear in the production environment. So please repeat this guide again once you’ve received your live credentials from ANZ.

Getting Started

The bank should have already provided the following test information -
Merchant ID:
Operator ID:

  1. Login to the MIGS homepage by going to: using your Merchant ID’ and ‘Operator ID’.

  2. Because you cannot operate the payment integration as administrator, you will now need to create a separate ‘Operator’ to utilise the payment integration. To do this, click click Admin from the top menu.

  3. Click Operators from the left hand side menu and then click the Create a new Merchant Administration Operator option.

  4. Fill out operator details, including creating a operator ID, name, password, email, etc. (it is suggested the operator ID is the user’s name)

  5. Scroll down to the Transactions header. Ensure all fields here are ticked.

  6. Scroll down to the Merchant Maintenance header. Ensure Modify The Merchant Configuration is ticked.

  7. Once you’ve finished, click Submit and a new operator will be created.

  8. Log out of the administrator account and log in as the new operator to ensure it’s working.

  9. Once logged in as an operator, navigate to Admin > Configuration Details.

  10. Copy the Merchant ID, Access Code and Secure Hash Secret 1.

Adding Payment Method in Neto

  1. From the Neto dashboard, navigate to Setup & Tools > Payment Methods and add a new ‘Credit Card’ payment method.

  2. In the popup window, select ANZ in the top drop-down menu. From the second dropdown, select either:

    ANZ eGate Hosted Payments (Often referred to as 3-Party Payments and is conducted off your Neto site)
    ANZ eGate Website Payments (Often referred to as 2-Party Payments and is conducted on your Neto site)

    If you are unsure which method you have, simply contact ANZ to confirm.
  3. Select your payment methods (eg. Visa/Mastercard/AMEX etc)

  4. Select Active/Enabled and Show on Website. (If you are live, turn ‘Show on Website’ as off)

  5. Populate the fields on the next screen as follows (use first screenshot to guide you to find this information):

  6. Neto Field ANZ eGate Merchant Administrator
    Anz egate x-party payments merchant id Your Merchant ID
    Anz egate x-party payments access code Your Access Code
  7. Create a order within Neto control panel. Check our article on testing ANZ eGate which provides test credit card details to conduct transactions.

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Last Modified: 13/06/2017 Neto Version: 6.7