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Important Notice: This is legacy documentation. Neto only supports MIGs based payment gateways. Unfortunately, Commonwealth Bank has recently made changes to their gateway for new customers, moving away to an alternative solution. These changes are not compatible with the Neto platform. Instead, we recommend using our preferred gateways to accept credit card payments.

By default, this gateway is setup for Visa and MasterCard only. If you wish to accept Diners Club and AMEX you will need to speak with Commonwealth Bank to enable it.

To ensure there has been enough testing to identify any problems and to familiarise yourself with the product, Commonwealth Bank requires a minimum of 20 test transactions across all the scenarios before going live.

Process Outline

  1. Setup account with CommWeb and they will create a test Merchant Account.

  2. Setup a Payment Method in Neto with the test account’s Merchant ID, Operator ID and Password (the bank should supply this as a PDF).

  3. Perform 20 test transactions using the sample credit card numbers supplied by CommWeb.

  4. Contact CommWeb to create production Merchant account.

  5. Create new operator user account in the production Merchant account and then logout of admin and login as the new operator.

  6. Locate the new Merchant ID, Operator ID and Password under ‘Configuration’ in CommWeb.

  7. Reconfigure the Payment Method in Neto with the new details.

  8. Make a real credit card payment to ensure it’s working.

Getting Started

The bank should have provided the following information in a PDF:

Login URL:
Merchant ID:
Operator ID:

  1. Log into the Merchant Administrator portal as an operator instead of as an administrator.

  2. Create a new operator if one doesn’t exist. See further below for instructions to setup a new operator.

  3. Important Note: You cannot locate the required Access Code or Secure Hash Secret while logged in as the Administrator.

  4. Once logged in as an operator, navigate to Admin > Configuration Details.

  5. Create a new operator in Merchant Account. Click Administration > Users > Click create a new operator in Merchant Administrator.

  6. Complete the requirements (it is suggested that the operator ID is the user’s name)

  7. At the bottom you find the new user’s privileges.

  8. The option that controls the access code is called Modify the merchant configuration.

  9. Click Submit and the user is created.

  10. Now log out of the account and log in as the new operator.

Adding Payment Method in Neto

  1. From the Neto dashboard, navigate to Setup & Tools > Payment Methods and add a new ‘Credit Card’ payment method.

  2. In the popup window, select Commonwealth Bank in the top drop-down menu.

  3. Select your payment methods (eg. Visa/Mastercard/AMEX etc)

  4. Select Active/Enabled and Show on Website.

  5. Populate the fields on the next screen as follows (use first screenshot to guide you to find this information):

  6. Neto Field CommWeb Merchant Administrator
    Commweb transaction attempt 1
    Commweb vpc merchant id Your Merchant ID
    Commweb vpc access code Your Access Code

  7. Save Changes.

Commweb Mandatory Test Transactions

Before the account is approved, 20 test transactions must be conducted for various responses. You need to use different cent values to trigger different response codes. Perform the test transactions using the test card numbers supplied by the bank.

If none were supplied by the bank, here are the latest test cards we have on file below.

Card Type Card Number Expiry
AMEX 371449635311004 05/17
Diners Club 30123456789019 05/17
Mastercard 5123456789012346 05/17
VISA 4987654321098769 05/17
JCB 3528123456789012 05/17
Mastercard 5123456789012346 05/17
VISA 4987654321098769 05/17
AMEX 345678901234564 05/17
Diners Club 30123456789019 05/17

You can use any name and any 3-digit CVV (or 4-digit if AMEX). When testing cards, you must use different cent values to trigger different response codes. Use various cent values to trigger the following responses.

Cent Value Response code definition Acquirer Response Code
.00 0 Transaction approved
.10 1 Transaction could not be processed
.01 E Transaction declined - contact issuing bank
.05 2 Transaction declined - contact issuing bank
.68 3 No reply from Processing Host
.54 4 Card has expired
.51 5 Insufficient credit

Set to Production

After completing 20 test transactions, contact the bank to enable the account for Production Mode.

CommWeb will create a new Merchant Account for this and provide a new Admin login. Create a new operator user in the new merchant account and then log out of admin and log in as the operator to obtain a new Access Code and Secure Hash Secret.

Follow the steps for Getting Started and Step 6 in Adding Payment Method in Neto again for the production version to update the payment gateway with the new Merchant ID and Access Code.

Finally, make a test payment either on the front-end or on an order in the control panel.

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Last Modified: 13/06/2017 Neto Version: 6.7