St. George (Hosted) Setup

Getting started

You will need to access your St George Admin Console throughout this setup. You can login here:

  1. From the Neto dashboard, navigate to Setup & Tools > Payment Methods.

  2. Click on the Visa/Mastercard+More logo.

  3. Select St George from the first drop-down menu.

    Select Realtime Processing (Off Website) which is also known as St. George Hosted from the dropdown.

    If unsure which gateway you have, simply contact St. George to confirm.

  4. Tick the types of card you wish to accept as part of your agreement with St. George.

  5. Under Configuration, you will need to add the following information given to you by St. George -

    lpg client id gateway certificate password

  6. The above information can be obtained by logging into your merchant console on the St. George website.

  7. The Port Number will trigger the gateway to either work in a test environment or production environment. The payment integration must remain in ‘test’ mode until the following two transactions are conducted. Complete these tests on port 3017. Then revert it to 3016 once live.

  8. We now need to add the STGEORGE_HOSTED_POSTURL & STGEORGE_HOSTED_VERIFY_URL into the advanced setup. From the Neto dashboard, navigate to Setup & Tools > All settings & tools.

  9. Click on the Other tab and click Advanced Configuration.

  10. In the Name field, type STGEORGE_HOSTED_POSTURL and click Apply Filter.

  11. Click on the result to edit the configuration.

  12. In the value field, you need to add the Post URL which is given to you by St. George. Login to the Merchant Admin Console and get the URL from payment page options. Once added, click Save Changes.

  13. Go back to the Advanced Configuration and now search for STGEORGE_HOSTED_VERIFY_URL in the Name field.

  14. Click on the result to edit the configuration.

  15. In the value, add and Save Changes.

  16. You may be required to conduct 2 test transactions to ensure the gateway is working correctly. These will have to be done from your St. George Merchant Console as the orders cannot be transacted in Neto. You can utilise the following cards to test:

    Card Type Card Number Amount
    Visa 4111111111111111 $1.00
    Mastercard 5431111111111111 $1.51

    • The expiry date can be any valid future date.
    • The CCV can be any number.

  17. Go back to your payment methods and set the Port Number to 3016 (live environment).

  18. Inform St George of the test transactions by email to for the account to be manually set live by the team with the following information:

    Client ID__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Merchant Name_______________________
    Merchant Contact: ___________ ph. ()__________
    Transaction Date //______________ Transaction Time : am pm
    Purchase of 1.00 - Response of 00 Approved received
    Purchase of 1.51 - Response of 51 Insufficient Funds received

  19. Once it’s live, conduct a live transaction to ensure it’s working successfully.

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Last Modified: 27/03/2017 Neto Version: 6.8