Testing & troubleshooting Payway integration

This article requires the Failed Checkouts addon from the Neto addon store.

Once you’ve setup your new payment method, it’s always best to test to ensure it’s working correctly. Always use an order from control panel so you can see the response codes. You will not be able to see these responses on the front end of checkout.

Use the following test cards, amounts and CCV/CID’s to trigger specific responses.

Card Number Expiry CVN Response Response Description
4564710000000004 02/19 847 08 Visa Approved
5163200000000008 08/20 070 08 MasterCard Approved
5163320000000016 12/19 728 04 MasterCard Stolen
4564710000000020 05/20 234 51 Visa Low Funds ($10 credit limit)
36430000000007 06/22 348 08 Diners Approved

All other card numbers will return a response of “42” - No Universal Account.
Note that if you enter an incorrect expiry date for one of the test cards, you will get a response of 54.
If you enter an incorrect CVN, you will get a response of 01 or 05 depending on the card type.

If you need to refer back to the errors or response you see, simply navigate to Sales Orders > Checkout Errors and click the Update Report button on the top right to load the latest information. If this is not visible, you need to install the Failed Checkouts addon from the Neto addon store.

Common Errors

Error: creditcard_notinservice (Blank Reason)

Reason: Basic payment method details are incorrect (Merch ID, Username, Password, Gateway Cert Pass).

Solution: Often the wrong fields are filled out (eg. Merchant ID and username have been mixed up) or a spacebar key was accidentally added in the password. It’s best to refill these details again from scratch and run another test. This simple mistake is the most common issue with payment gateways.

Error: PAYWAY ERROR: configure certs failed: /var/www/vhosts/N005582/private/www/certs/payway.pfx file does not exist: No such file or directory. ; No such file or directory:

Reason: The gateway certificate is not installed or it hasn’t been renamed to payway.pfx

Solution: Contact Neto support and supply the gateway certificate as per the setup guide.

PAYWAY ERROR: configure certs failed: failed to load /var/www/vhosts/N005582/private/www/certs/payway.pfx: Illegal seek. ; Illegal seek: error:23076071:PKCS12 routines:PKCS12_parse:mac verify failure.

Reason: The gateway certificate had an error. Download a new copy of the certificate and re-install it. If you attempted to zip the file or send the file over 3rd party programs (such as Slack), it can alter the original file and corrupt it.

Solution: Ensure you are downloading the gateway certificate directly from Payway and sending it to Neto support team.

Errors surround customer credit cards which are rejecting or declining
Reason: These errors are controlled and processed by Westpac directly which we do not have any control over. Neto simply reports back on the errors received from the bank.

Solution: Any errors relating to customer cards which you believe should be working needs to be resolved with the bank directly.

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Last Modified: 23/12/2016 Neto Version: 6.6