How to set up gift vouchers

This support article requires the Gift Vouchers addon from the Addon store.

You can sell electronic gift vouchers through your web shop. When a customer purchases a gift voucher they will be asked:

  1. Who the voucher is from (the senders details)
  2. The recipients email
  3. The recipients name
  4. A message for the recipient
  5. Date and time the voucher must be delivered

The system will automatically send an electronic voucher with redemption instructions to the recipient at the date and time specified.

Only orders for vouchers that are fully paid or approved will be sent to recipients.

You do not have to manually print or send the gift voucher as Neto manages this process for you. Recipients can redeem gift vouchers at checkout on your web shop. Any credit not used in a shopping session will remain as credit on their account.

You can view all gift voucher credit outstanding from the Neto dashboard by navigating to Sales Orders > Vouchers & rewards.

How do I setup a gift voucher for sale?

  1. From the Neto dashboard, navigate to Products > Add Product.

  2. When asked the type of product you wish to create, select Electronic Gift Voucher.

  3. Enter a SKU, name and price for the gift voucher.

  4. Go to the Voucher/Reward Programs tab. Under the Add Voucher dropdown, select gift voucher.

  5. Press Continue. You can then add additional information to the voucher such as a description and images.

By applying the product to a voucher program in step 4 above, you are defining that the product is a voucher and as such it will earn the status of “voucher” in the system. Vouchers are virtual service products. They do not hold stock and they do not attract shipping fees.

The voucher program determines the expiry date of the voucher and other redemption rules. By default your gift vouchers will be valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

You can edit this by editing your voucher rules by navigating to Marketing > Vouchers/reward program > Edit Gift Voucher program.

If necessary you can create multiple voucher program and assign different program to different products.

For example, if you only wanted a specific voucher to be valid for 6 months, you could setup a new voucher program with this rule. You would then add a new product and assign this program to it.

  • Last Modified: 09/02/2017 Neto Version: 6.6