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Change the Default Product Image

Default Product Image

Default Product Image

If a product does not have a image uploaded, a default image is used, however you can customise this image. This article covers how to create and upload a new default product image.

You will need an SFTP account and an FTP software like FileZilla or Transmit. You can request an SFTP account using this form.

Create and upload the image

  1. Create the image with a width and height of 500 pixels.
  2. Save the image as a GIF file with the filename default_product.gif. Save a second copy as na.gif and a third as na_L.gif
  3. Using your SFTP account, login to your web site and upload the images to the /httpdocs/assets/ folder.
  4. To check that the image has been installed correctly, visit, where is your domain name for your site.

Modifying the theme templates

You can access the templates by navigating to Setup & Tools > All Settings & Tools. Select System Templates from the left side menu, and choose Webstore Templates. There are three theme templates that will need to be changed to point to the new default product image.

  • Web Themes > themename > Templates > Thumbs > Product > template.html
  • Web Themes > themename > Templates > Thumbs > Product > list.template.html
  • Web Themes > themename > Templates > Thumbs > Product > box.template.html

Where themename is the name of the currently installed theme.

Depending on the theme you need to look for the following code:

[%param default%][%cdn_asset html:'0' library:'images'%]default_product.gif[%/cdn_asset%][%end param%][%param default%][%NTHEME_ASSET%]img/default_product.gif[%END NTHEME_ASSET%][%end param%]

Replace with the code [%param default%]/assets/default_product.gif[%end param%] and save the template. Repeat for each of the three templates.

After you have made the changes, you will need to purge the site cache to see the changes.

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