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Custom Fields

You can create your own custom fields if a field does not already exist. These can be used internally for filtering or reporting purposes, or externally with a design tweak.

Please Note: Custom fields cannot be deleted once they are created.

To create a custom field:

  1. From Neto dashboard, select Setup & Tools > All Settings & Tools

  2. On the Setup & tools page, select Custom Product Fields

Field types you can create are:

  • Short Text Fields - Used for fields generally under 255 characters, without HTML formatting (e.g. eBay Title).
  • Text fields - Longer text fields that can include HTML (e.g. descriptions, specifications).
  • Date - Limited to date formats (e.g. Expiry dates).
  • Integer Number - Whole numbers only, cannot contain letters or decimals.
  • Decimal Number - Allows you to specify decimal numbers (e.g. volume)
  • True/False - A checkbox that you can toggle (e.g. clearance - yes/no)
  • Selection Box - A drop down box where you can specify different options (e.g variations).

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Last Modified: 08/02/2018 Neto Version: 6.9