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How do I change the sort order of product specifics / variations?

You can change the sort order of your product specifics / variations by editing the sort order value against each specific / variation.

The sort order you choose determines the order of the specifics in the drop down list on the product page:

To change the specifics sort order:

  1. From the Neto Dashboard navigate to Products > Product Specifics.

  2. Open the specific type (eg: Colour) by selecting the Name.

  3. From this page you can enter a Sort Order value for each specific type as well as a sort value for each of the specifics. The higher the value entered, the higher up in the list an item will appear. For example, 100 will appear above 95. This gives you the flexibility to add a new specific at a later date and have it appear at the top of your list without having to reorder your entire list.

  4. Save your changes

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017 Neto Version: 6.8