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How do I import product extra options?

A products extra options are non-inventoried extras you offer the customer at the point of purchase. For example, the option to select gift wrapping or enter a gift message.

Below is a sample import string for a list of extra options.

**Gift Wrapping;* No Thanks;Standard Red Wrapping;Standard Blue Wrapping;Premium Red Wrapping=5.00;Premium Blue Wrapping=5.00^**Gift Message;*-TEXT_FIELD-;LENGTH=250

You can import this string to the extra options field in the database to update products in bulk.

In the above example each new option set is separated by ^** and the default option for each option set is prefixed with a single *.

  1. From the Neto Dashboard, select Settings & tools > Import Data.

  2. Preform a Simple Import

  3. Locate the CSV you have prepared earlier and upload it.

  4. Once uploaded, locate a product to check the final results.

Note: Extra options are not typically used for size or colour options, for size and colour options you should setup product variations.

  • Last Modified: 28/09/2017 Neto Version: 6.3