How do I email customers when a product comes back into stock?

Set up an automated email to be sent to your customers when a product they are interested comes back into stock.

Set up a "from" email address
You will need to enter a company email address that all system generated emails will be sent from. Enter your company email address by going to:

Admin> system setup> system config> business details> system email addresses



Create the email template
Create your email  template by going to:
Content > web & email templates> email templates> back in stock notifications



Click on the template(s) you want to create to populate the fields.


  • The back in stock notification (tag: notifyme/notify_in_stock) is sent when an item comes back into back to stock.
  • The stock arrival notification (tag: notifyme/notify_arrival) is sent when an item comes into stock and the date of arrival (tag: start_date) set on the product page is the current date.



Once set up, remember to test your notification! Navigate to your website and request a notification email for an out of stock product. Mark the product as arrived/ in stock and check your email.


If the email has not been received:


Please ask your customer to check their junk mail or advertising mail folders - sometimes the email will be found there.


Check to see if the automated process has run successfully by going to:
Report> logs> batch process log
Filter by task module “notify_me_reminder”

  • Last Modified: 18/11/2016