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How is store quantity or available quantity calculated?

Neto supports multiple warehouses. A SKU can be assigned to multiple warehouses and have different stock quantities in each warehouse.

For example you can have one SKU that has stock in 3 warehouses.

Warehouse A: 10
Warheouse B: 5
Warehouse C: 4

In the above example the total warehouse stock would be 19.

Your available stock or store quantity is your total warehouse stock less any unpicked orders (committed orders).

For example if you have 19 in warehouse stock and you have 5 on new orders then your total available stock will be 14 (19-5).

A product on order is committed when it is in any of the following status:
  • backorder
  • backorder approved
  • new
  • pick
You can uncommit products that are on orders by moving the related orders to the "uncommitted" status. This is ideal when a customer has placed an order that they do not want shipped until a  date in the future. This will allow you to free up the stock for other orders. 


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Last Modified: 18/07/2018