Can Neto support multiple warehouses?

Yes, you can have multiple warehouses on your Neto website.

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View your warehouses

Go to Products > Warehouses / Dropshippers > View All Warehouses / Dropshippers

View All Warehouses

Add a warehouse

  1. Go to Products > Warehouses / Dropshippers > Add New Warehouse / Dropshipper
  2. Fill in the necessary warehouse details

Warehouse Details

  1. If required, assign shipping zones to the warehouse. By assigning shipping zones to a warehouse the system can automatically assign order lines and movement jobs based on the shipping address of an order or asset movement. This is ideal for businesses who have multiple warehouses filling orders or asset movements for the same item.


Can a SKU be allocated to more than one location / warehouse?

A SKU can be assigned to multiple warehouses and have different stock quantities in each warehouse. To enter the stock into multiple warehouses, go to Products > View All Products and select a product. Then scroll down to the Stock Control section.

For example you can have one SKU that has stock in 3 warehouses:

multiple warehouses

How is the available quantity calculated?

If you have multiple warehouses setup, the combined stock qty in each warehouse, less any unpicked or committed orders, will become your available quantity. This is the quantity available for customers to order on your web shop.

For example, if you have 19 in warehouse stock and you have 5 on new orders then your total available stock will be 14 (19-5).
Store Quantity (qty available) = Combined Physical Stock In Warehouses - Unpicked Orders (includes backorders)

A product on order is committed when it is in any of the following status:

  • New
  • Pick
  • New Backorder
  • Backorder Approved

You can uncommit products that are on orders by moving the related orders to the Uncommitted status. This is ideal when a customer has placed an order that they do not want shipped until a date in the future. This will allow you to free up the stock for other orders.

How to adjust stock quantities

There are 4 ways to adjust stock numbers for a product:

  1. Adjust quantitry on products management page. Go to Products > View All Products and select a product. Scroll down to the Warehouse & Despatch section.

Change stock quantities

  1. Adjust quantity from stock adjustment page. Go to Products > Stock Management > Stock Adjustment

Stock Adjustment

  1. Adjust qty from stock take page. Go to Products > Stock Management > Stock Take

Stock Take

  1. Import new stock quantity using import /export wizard. Go to Import / Export > Import Wizard. For more information in using the Import Wizard, check out How do I import products, customers or orders using the import wizard?
  2. Import the stock quantity using Neto API. For more information check out API - Getting Started

In all cases the number you enter less the qty committed on incomplete orders will become your new stock qty.

Note: if you are using a Neto compatible accounting or inventory management system then your stock quantity will come up from that application and will be adjusted in Neto periodically.

Can I have multiple warehouse stock quantities visible on the website front end?

Yes, however, this requires custom programming. Please contact us for a quote.


  • Last Modified: 16/01/2017 Neto Version: 5.83