Product Fields


SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit. Every product in your database requires a SKU. This is the products unique identifier and is the only required field for all imports.

Max Length: 25 characters, cannot contain spaces or special characters.

The fields listed below are popular fields that are typically populated when importing a product or when adding a product through the Neto Control Panel. In addition to these has over 100 additional fields available for your products.

If you are looking for the all product fields, see here instead.
Field Name Field Type Field Description Field Restrictions Notes Example Input
SKU Text String The unique identifier for the product, its stock keeping unit Max Length: 25, cannot contain spaces or special characters The unique identifier of the product. Required for all imports A-0987
Name Text String The name of the product as it appears to customers and on invoices Max Length: 150 Red T-Shirt - Small
Active Boolean Active products can be sold through all channels including eBay, web shop and control panel. If inactive a product cannot be sold Y or N or Yes or No or True or False Y
Approved Boolean Only visible products can be seen on your webstore. Only applicable to customers with the web shop module installed Y or N or Yes or No or True or False Y
Brand Text String The brand name or manufacturer of the product Max Length: 50 Nike
RRP Decimal The Recommended Retail Price of the product is used for descriptive purposes only. The RRP will only show when the products price is less than the RRP 2 decimal places 9.95
Price Decimal The price of the product 2 decimal places Currency symbol not required 19.95
Cost Price Decimal The suppliers cost price. For reporting purposes 2 decimal places 1.5
Description Text String No restriction, can contain html My product description <b>can contain html</b>
Height m (Shipping Decimal Used for shipping calculations. The height of the product in meters 3 decimal places meters 0.6
Width m (Shipping Decimal Used for shipping calculations. The width of the product in meters 3 decimal places meters 0.6
Length m (Shipping Decimal Used for shipping calculations. The length of the product in meters 3 decimal places meters 0.6
Cubic (Shipping Decimal Used for shipping calculations. The cubic of the product in meters 6 decimal places cubic meters 0.2556
Qty In Stock (Primary Warehouse Integer Total quantity in stock for specified warehouse. Used for stock take Used to replace the qty in a warehouse 99
Category Name List List List of categories that the product is assigned to Semicolon separated string Use the name of the category as it appears in your database Tablets; Computers

Variation / Matrix Products - Required Fields

A variation product is a product that has multiple inventoried buying options. For example a shirt that comes in multiple sizes and colours.

Neto supports an unlimited number of variations per product. Each variation is referred to as a child of its parent product. The below diagram represents this relationship:

The Shirt in the above example is the parent product and each size and colour variation is a child of the parent.

A parent will contain shared information about a product such as a products description, while each variation (child) will contain unique product data such as specifics, images, stock, pricing and shipping dimensions. A parent is not a purchasable product, it is purely used as a container for its children.

When adding variation products you must therefore add a parent product and its children (variations) as separate SKUs.

The above Shirt example would result in 5 new products added to your database.

  • 1 parent product
  • 4 children products

In addition to the regular product required fields mentioned above, the following required fields are needed for variation products. These fields link variation products together in a format that makes it easy for customers to navigate your product database.

Field Name Field Type Field Description Field Restrictions Notes Example Input
Parent SKU Text String The child products parent SKU Max Length: 25 D-001
Specifics List A list of the products specifics. Eg: colours & sizes available Semicolon separated list. If multiple specific values for one type separate with a pipe (|) Specific Type:Specific Value|Specific Value|...|Specific Value; Colour:Red; Size:Small

Product Specifics / Matrix Products

Product specifics are the unique properties of a product. These are used to differentiate products and to create a matrix of product options for your customers to select from on variation product pages.

Variation products can have more than one specific. For example a “Small Red T-Shirt“ has the following specifics:

  • Colour: Red
  • Size: Small

A matrix of specific options can be displayed as drop down select boxes, text links, radio buttons or images.

Below is the end result of a matrix that includes the specifics; colour and size using drop down select boxes.

You can define the type of option (drop down, text, radio button, image) a specific uses.

  1. From the Neto dashboard, select Products > Specifics

  • Last Modified: 20/02/2017 Neto Version: 6.3