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Product types in Neto

Neto supports 4 Products types:

  • A Regular product:

    • A one off product that you sell – for example a DVD, a table, a vase, a toy.
  • A product with variations:

    • Products that have some sort of variant. A good example could be clothing, a T-shirt, bed sheets. Variants can be colour, size and material.
  • A hamper/kit:

    • A product built from many components together – build from regular or variant products already available in the database.
    • You must setup your components before building the hamper/kit product.
    • The hamper/kit can be either editable or non-editable product.
  • An Electronic gift voucher

There is no limit to the number of products you can have in your Neto product database. You can continually add, update and remove products using the Neto CMS.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017