What is the difference between specifics and variations?

Variations are inventoried items that have unique product codes / SKUs. For example, a t-shirt may be sold in different sizes, like small, medium or large. These SKUs are related to each other through parent / child relationships. The main product (t-shirt) called the parent product and the variations (small, medium or large) are called children.

In the example below the parent SKU is SAMPLE_P2 and the children are SAMPLE_P2_2, SAMPLE_P2_3 and SAMPLE_P2_4.

Product Variations


This will display as one product on the website front end with buying options available from a drop down menu.

Product Page


Specifics are the properties of each product or SKU. These can be used to differentiate the variations or can be added to products to create filters (ways to narrow a search) on the website front end.

In the example below the variation (child) SKU SAMPLE_P2_2 has the specific “colour” with the value “orange”.



Specifics can be used to offer your customers ways to narrow their search and will be visible on the front end.

Filter by Colour


Extra options are non-inventoried extras you offer the customer at the point of purchase. For example, the option to pay for gift wrapping or enter a gift message.

Kits are ways to bundle items together to be sold as one unit, e.g. gift hampers.

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