Adding Categories

  1. Select Content > Product Category > Add New.

  2. Enter a Name for your Category and select a Parent Category for the category you are adding.

    The Parent Category will determine which category your new category will fall under (its hierarchy).

    Pro Tip: If you want the category you are adding to be a top level category, do not select a parent.

  3. After defining the Hierarchy and Name of your Category, you can add additional information such as a Category Description, Image etc.

  4. After you have added a Product Category, it will appear in your list of categories to add products to.

Data Import Method - Categories

You can upload Products in bulk to the system using the Data Integration tools provided.

What is a CSV File?

A CSV is a comma separated values file, which allows data to be saved in a table structured format. CSVs look like a garden-variety spreadsheet but with a .csv extension (Traditionally they take the form of a text file containing information separated by commas, hence the name).

Importing a Category CSV
  1. Once you have prepared your Category CSV for import, from the Neto Dashboard, select Import/Export > Import Data.

  2. On the Import Page, select Products as the Data Type you will be importing.

    If you are using a CSV that was prepared by Neto, select Perform Simple Import, otherwise, if you would like to map your own column headings, select Perform Complex Import. Both will produce the same results in the end.

  3. Locate and Upload your file.

  4. Once uploaded you will be show a preview of your import. This preview will tell you how many categories are being imported as well as a preview of the data being imported. If the number of Categories and the Preview fields look correct to you, click Start Import.

    If the number of Categories and the Preview data looks incorrect, review your csv file to ensure you have the correct information in the correct columns before proceeding.

  5. A Batch Process Job will be triggered in the background and will start importing your products. This may take a few minutes depending on how many products you importing.

  6. After a few minutes, you can view your newly imported Categories by selecting Products > Product Categories from the top menu bar and locating your new Categories in the Category List.

  • Last Modified: 18/11/2016