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Anatomy of a Category

Product Categories are used to organise your Products into easy to navigate verticals for your customers. It is important to plan your Product Category tree in advance of adding any products. When designing your category tree, remember to take into account future growth plans and the addition of new product lines.

Neto supports any number of categories and subcategories, you can also add product categories as and when required. You can also add or update categories in bulk with a CSV spreadsheet upload via the Data Import Tool.

With Neto, products can be assigned to multiple categories for maximum exposure.

To help your customers find what they are looking for, you will need to create a category tree that is easy to navigate. We recommend not exceeding three levels in your category tree.

For example: Clothing > Men’s Clothing > Shirts

The above is an example of a category tree that is 3 levels deep. If users cannot find what they are looking for within 3 clicks, your conversion rates will be negatively impacted.

Category SEO

Category pages will also contribute to your websites overall SEO. Each Category Page will automatically be indexed on to Google and other search engines.

How to setup Categories

There are 2 main ways of creating Categories in Neto:

  • Using the Neto Control Panel
  • Importing CSV through the Data Import Tool

Required Category Fields

Each method has a set of Required Fields that must be completed before a Category can be created:

  • Content Type - This will always be: "Product Category".
  • Parent Content Path - The structure of your category.
  • Name - The name of the Category/Sub Category.
  • Primary Description - Optional to add here the category description. This field accepts HTML.
  • Secondary Description - Again, optional secondary description field. This field accepts HTML.
  • Sort Order - Descending - Highest First.

For your convenience, we have created a default Category Templates which you can download here:

Popular Category Fields:

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017