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How to set the priority for product categories on a product

How to set the priority for product categories on a product

When assigning product categories to a product, you can also select which category takes priority of the others.

For example, this product has three product categories assigned to it:

There is a priority field on the right-hand side of each assigned category. The priority is used for both:

  1. The path to the product at the top of the product page (this is called Breadcrumbs):

  2. The eBay Category Mapping also uses the priority to select the category to map to an eBay category and store category

In both cases, the highest number takes priority. You can change the priority by entering a number in the priority field on the right-hand side of the assigned categories:

You don’t need to enter a priority for each category. As long as the the category you want to be first has a number, the rest can remain blank. Once entered, save the changes to the product.

Set The Category Priority In Bulk

Product categories can be priorities in bulk through the import wizard. To do this, first run a simple export to generate a CSV file with your products. The file will look similar to this, but the two columns we’re concerned with are the SKU and Category.

To set the priority, you need to add two colons (::) and the priority number after each full category path.

Once complete, Save your file as a CSV (comma separate values). You can now import the file using the import wizard.

  1. From the Neto Dashboard, navigate to Setup & Tools > Import Data.

  2. Select Perform Complex Import and then Start Data Import Wizard.

  3. Choose File and upload your CSV, then click Continue To Next Step.

  4. Remove all fields except SKU and Category using the red x on the right hand side of the page. Category should be mapped to the Neto Category Full Path List (Product Category) database field. When done, Continue To Next Step.

  5. Click the Show Advanced Update Options link. The settings you need to change are under Category Options:

    • Set Category Update Options to Replace Existing Record.
    • Set Category Compatibility Notes / Sort Order Format to Sort Order.
    • Enter :: in the Category Compatibility Notes / Sort Order Separator field.

    When complete, Continue To Next Step.

  6. Save the settings as a template if you plan to use it in future, and if so give it an easily recognisable name. Then select Process File Now.

The import process can take up to 10 minutes to complete, depending on the size of the file. Once it has finished, your products will now have priority assigned on their categories.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017 Neto Version: 6.9