How do I reprocess my product images?

Reprocessing your product images is easy, but does require some familiarity with SFTP tools.

Note that SFTP access is required to follow the steps in this how-to, and this is a somewhat advanced procedure to follow so proceed with care. You can request SFTP access to your website by filling in this form.

Step 1: Download Your Product Images

First you need to download the full-sized version of the product images. These are located via SFTP under /httpdocs/assets/full

Step 2: Configure your image settings

If you are reprocessing your images because they are too small or too big, you'll need to change your image settings in the control panel. This can be done under Image Settings under the cog icon (top right).

Step 3: "Drop" the images

You need to now upload the images you downloaded in step one directly into this directory: /private/www/tmp/imagedrop/full

Step 4: Run the Scheduled Task

Under Admin > Cron Jobs/Scheduled Tasks you must run the scheduled task called Imagedrop

When this task is complete, your images will be resized. This task may take some time if you have many large images.


  • Last Modified: 18/11/2016