How do I set the product and other image sizes in Neto?

Product images can be any dimensions but must be no larger 500 Kb in size to be uploaded. Neto will then automatically resize and compress your images based on the settings you define in the system setup.

The system will also create multiple versions of each image you upload. This includes 2 x thumbnail images and 1 main image.  These images are stored in the following folders on your Neto server.

  • /assets/full/
  • /assets/thumbL/
  • /assets/thumb/


How to set or change the product and other images sizes

You can change the image sizes of your product and other images by navigating to: Image Settings under the cog icon (top right) in the control panel.

The system will re-size / optimise uploaded images based on these settings.


  • Last Modified: 18/11/2016