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Neto eCommerce 6.10

Major features for customers

A more customisable checkout

As part of our continued efforts to tailor your checkout, we have added more flexibility to the Neto checkout. Now you can control more aspects of the checkout right from your control panel, including the ability to toggle the use of:

  • Coupon codes
  • Redeem your voucher
  • Delivery instructions
  • Purchase Order Numbers
  • Send invoice with goods
  • Custom fields (using the custom order fields addon).

If your customers don’t typically provide a purchase order number, or if you don’t want show the coupon code field on checkout, you can now turn these sections of the checkout off. As well, if you have created custom order or customer fields, you can control whether they appear on your checkout or not.

  1. To access this functionality from the Neto dashboard, navigate to Setup & Tools > All Settings & tools.

  2. Click on the Web Store tab and click Checkout Settings.

Payment method descriptions

You can now change the description your customers sees when they select a payment method at checkout.

Shipping method descriptions

You can now change the descriptions for shipping options that don’t have a cost. This is useful for customers placing quotes.

You can now control how your checkout displays shipping options that don’t have a price, and show a different message to customers placing quotes to customers who are placing orders.

When used in combination with the ‘User group’ add-on, this can be used to setup ‘free’ shipping options that your retail customers who are purchasing, and ‘price on application’ options for your wholesales customers who are requesting quotes.

New and Updated Payment Processors


The Afterpay payment processor integration has been upgraded to use their latest technology. Afterpay payments are now approved instantly during the checkout process. This removes the need to have orders sitting in an On Hold status while your purchaser waits for approval.

ZipPay and ZipMoney

The ZipMoney payment integration has also been given a major overhaul to use their improved offering.

Payments of less than $1000 that use the ZipPay service can now be approved instantly during the checkout process. Larger payments that go through the ZipMoney service now support referrals. This means that the purchaser applies for the credit during checkout and shortly after will receive an email with approval or otherwise from ZipMoney.

Clicking on the approval link in the email will take them to ZipMoney’s website and after approval is finalised, back to the Neto checkout. No On Hold orders are created during this process so there is no additional overhead for the merchant to manage these larger payment.

Paymark Click and Online EFTPOS

Neto is introducing a new payment provider for New Zealand customers with this release in Paymark. Paymark and Neto are offering two different payment methods for our NZ based merchants.

Paymark Click is a credit card processing facility that can be used with most NZ business banks. You can also now access Online EFTPOS in NZ through Paymark allowing your purchasers to checkout on your website using only their phones.

Neto Mobile store by Apptizer

Apptizer is a third party mobile app that will allow our merchants to quickly create an application that allows their customer to purchase from their mobile phones.

It consists of tailor-made templates and a simple step-by-step process, allowing merchants to build attractive mobile applications based on their Neto eCommerce business sites.

Associate registers to POS orders on Neto control panel

Currently orders created on POS are associated with shifts and registers. This causes discrepancies in the closure reports when orders are updated via the control panel. To improve the accuracy on reports payments made on POS orders are associated with active registers/open shifts. Merchants now have the ability to choose the registers to associate the particular payments from a drop down on the payments section of the order.

The details of the register where the order are now also listed on the order section.



Singapore postcode data will be pushed out to new and existing neto stores to support our customers selling to Singapore. Changes have also been made to allow state to be an optional field for countries where it is not required such as Malaysia and Singapore.

Merchants with customised checkouts will not have all of these features retroactively made available to them.

A fix has been put in place to address a rounding issue on some tax rates such as 6% which would display as 6.00000000000001

New checkout settings management page

We have created a new consolidated checkout settings page.

You can access from Setup & tools > All settings & tools then clicking Web Store tab > Checkout settings.

As part of this, many of the settings from the Web store settings page have been migrated across.

B@setag improvements

We have created a new list B@se tag that will soon be available to use through out neto. This new tag will set the standard for our tags moving forward with common functions and standard actions. Our design team will be updating relevant documentation and working through existing theme files to move to this tag.

Comments around third party scripts

Third party scripts will now have comment tags inserted automatically before and after them. This should significantly aid in the ability to troubleshoot issues caused by these tags and allow us to easily identify the offending script.

Major Bug Fixes

  • Corrected default tax rates for Malaysia and Singapore
  • Corrected the spelling for Vietnam
  • Date registered field now auto populates for AddCustomer API calls
  • Fixed a stock adjustment issue where quantity on hand would not calculate correctly
  • Fixed an issue where an existing email address can be assigned to customer card
  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect version of the Hunter Express label would generate
  • Fixed an issue where automatic revisions of variation images were causing an error
  • Fixed an issue where Base Unit Per Qty and Base Unit of Measure would only should if Pick’n Pack was installed
  • Fixed an issue where Bulk Image Import would crash and cause a software error
  • Fixed an issue where default payment methods were not showing when creating a new order in the control panel
  • Fixed an issue where exporting current results on a Customer Page was not working
  • Fixed an issue where no revision queued for promo pricing start and end dates
  • Fixed an issue where orders can be placed through the checkout without all mandatory fields being completed
  • Fixed an issue where orders would open with no data populated when linking from the Aged Receivables Report
  • Fixed an issue where products set to “Do not track” were appearing in stock valuation reports
  • Fixed an issue where products where not correctly added to consignments
  • Fixed an issue where Rounding SKUs where not created for all sites
  • Fixed an issue where sample data took too long to load when creating a trial
  • Fixed an issue where SKU would change to custom label if new products where set to “Yes” and Manage SKUs in MYOB is set to “No”
  • Fixed an issue where the “Subscribe to newsletter” field was not subscribing users to the newsletter
  • Fixed an issue where the add to cart dropdown would sometimes display both parent and child product names
  • Fixed an issue where the payment method field was auto selecting causing an error when applying payments via the control panel
  • Fixed an issue where the tax field value would change on edit
  • Fixed an issue where wufoo forms would not display
  • Fixed an issue where Xero exports would occasionally not export and never finish
  • Fixed an issue with Couriers Please labels being incorrect for DSH code services
  • Fixed an issue with file attachments being zero bytes
  • Fixed an issue with sendle consignment image previews being cut off
  • Fixed character limit for Customer Notes field to export to Unleashed
  • Fixed the misalignment of column headers when scrolling on the orders page
  • Removed currency hard coding from the aged receivable report
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    Last Modified: 28/09/2017 Neto Version: 6.10