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Neto eCommerce 6.9

Major Features

Control which products are available on Neto POS.

Many businesses need greater control over which sales channels a product can appear on. With the latest version of Neto you can now control which products are available on your web store and which products are available to your retail outlets.

This availability can be set directly on the product management pages and can be managed in bulk through Neto's import and export system.

For third party integrators, we have also added these new fields to our GetItem, AddItem and UpdateItem API endpoints.

Set alternate logo for Managed Checkout

Merchants using managed checkout are now able to specify a different logo to the rest of their web store.

Your web store logo will be shown by default, and you can add a new logo for checkout from Logos page in your control panel's settings.

Naked Bookings Add-on

Naked Bookings is a complete online booking, payment and customer management system for service-based businesses. More information about the Naked Bookings add-on can be found here: Naked Bookings

New Trial Dashboard & Sample Data

The trial and on boarding dashboard have been revamped, to present a more professional and user friendly trial sign up and on boarding experience.

New users are given can watch a video that gives them an overview of Neto as well as follow some key steps that will help them get the most out of their trial.

All new trials will be pre-loaded with some sample products, orders and categories so that users are able to hit the ground running to evaluate if Neto is right for them.

Minor New Features

Inventory Improvement

Users will now be prompted to have their incoming quantities cleared during the inventory install wizard.

Users can now have incoming quantities that match their purchase orders.

Pick'n Pack Improvements

The Pick’n Pack interface now shows the name of the user who last worked on an order, just like in the control panel.

This information can be seen both on the list of orders and the specific order details page.

Fixes & Improvements

Fixed an issue where:

  • having a restricted add-on installed prevented user from uninstalling the restricted add-on
  • email addresses with a space in the field were not importing correctly
  • RMA’s calculated on a sale product showed an incorrect credit amount
  • Temando manifest submissions were not being recorded correctly
  • new Neto trials were being created without an API key
  • when saving a product via the control pane, the “Product URL” in the SEO section was incorrectly being updated
  • duplicate payments were being exported to Xero
  • the eBay theme editor was not loading themes for users with an existing eBay account
  • users with an overdue account were unable to login to their My Account page via a hyperlink on the Control Panel login screen
  • selecting a specific on a product changed the sort order of the specifics
  • the “Credits Pending Allocation” link did not redirect users to the relevant invoice in Xero
  • shipping methods were showing incorrectly
  • product lines exceeding 20 per article for Australia Post were causing errors
  • setting up Sendle failed and resulted in the following error: Unknown Error: Aborting
  • a series of postcodes in the 2000 range were not searching in Store Finder
  • updating the restock warning field would not save correctly
  • updating the Reorder quantity field would not save correctly
  • the MailChimp add-on was not synchronising subscribers, not logging and not respecting the merge field limits of the MailChimp account
  • saving a Content Zone would just stay open. Saving now shows a “Content Zone has been updated” message

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017