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Neto POS 1.10

Major Feature Changes

Fulfil Later - Ship and Layby

These two new features will be made available to POS customers as Addon’s. By default all new and existing users will have the Addon’s installed and the Addon’s are available to all plans. If the user chooses to uninstall both the Addon’s the Fulfil toggle will no longer be available.

Improvements to Purchase and Fulfillment options with Layby

  1. Ability to create a Layby and add a deposit via POS
  2. Layby subscreen that prompts merchant to enter
  3. Deposit amount based on which the Outstanding amount is calculated
  4. Select Due date

Please note any outstanding amount on the layby order can only be completed via the Neto control panel dashboard at this stage.

Improvements to Customer Management

Second Shipping Address

There is now the ability to Add a second shipping address where customers require the goods to be shipped to an address different from the billing address. The address can be bookmarked with an address title and can be retrieved at a later stage.

Price Groups

Within Customer Price Groups, by default the customer will be assigned to the default price group A. There is now the ability to change the price group of a customer via POS.

Improvements to Discounts

Pricing Promotion
You can now set up promotional events via the Neto Control Panel with a start and end date within Marketing > Pricing Promotions or in Products > Edit an individual product and set a pricing promotion within the product card.

You can also set different promotions for different price groups and sync the changes to POS. A ‘sale’ banner will appear on the product to indicate a promotion.

Improvements to User Permissions

You can now set roles and permissions for a user in Neto POS. The three roles available are:

  • Cashier
  • Store Manager
  • Admin

Cashier and store admin’s will have the roles and permissions on the same lines as that of the current default role.

Limiting Discounts to User

By default all users will be assigned to maximum discount (100%). Admin has the ability to set different roles with discount limits. Once POS has been re-synced, the changes will take place.

To change the discount percentages from the Neto dashboard, navigate to Setup and Tools > All settings & tools > Clicking on the Point of Sale tab > Clicking POS Settings.

Under Discounts heading, you can set the Maximum cashier percentage and Maximum store manager percentages.

Improvements to Configurations

There is now an ability to view register details on POS from the Neto control panel to support trouble shooting.

Bug Fixes

  • When entering serial number for an item using keyboard
  • Cannot change price of some products when $0.00
  • User can change order to RMA while processing a fulfill order
  • Barcode scanning results are not being shown in some cases
  • POS issues on iOS 9
  • Minor UI changes

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Last Modified: 18/07/2018 Neto Version: 1.10