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Neto POS 1.11

Major Feature Changes

New feature - Pay Later / Invoice Sales

Pay Later or Invoice sales is a new payment option where in Merchants can process a sale without having to take payments at the same time. The order gets created with a 'New' Status and the order can be completed and paid at a later stage from the control panel.

This feature helps merchants or sales to take orders on the go, allowing for orders to be shipped at a later stage.

Improvements to Payment Method - Account Credit

The Account Credit feature has been improved to include the ability to sync down credit limits set on customer accounts to POS. Now customers have the ability to use credits for sale upto the limit set on their account.

Please Note: The credit limits can only be set via the Neto dashboard.

Improvements to Order management

Partial payments made on orders via POS can now be retrieved via the sales history and users are made known of how the outstanding payment can be made. Currently, orders can be fully paid and completed only via the control panel.

Improvements to Customer Management

Outlet based price groups - This feature allows POS merchants to have different pricing for different outlets by assigning warehouses with a customer group. Additionally merchants with webstore and POS have the ability to maintain different pricings on different channels.

In case we have a customer assigned with a certain price group attached to a sale then the warehouse/outlet pricing over rides the former. If there is a requirement to over ride the customer pricing group then the same can be achieved by disabling the "Use customer group" toggle on the customer card.

Pricing Promotion
You can now set up promotional events via the Neto Control Panel with a start and end date within Marketing > Pricing Promotions or in Products, editing an individual product and set a pricing promotion within the product card.

You can also set different promotions for different price groups and sync the changes to POS. A ‘sale’ banner will appear on the product to indicate a promotion.

Price groups enhancements now also has -
The ability to update pricing on customer groups from POS
The ability to set up/end promotions via POS

Please note: The price group add-on must be installed to make use of this feature. Once installed, a sync must be done to ensure the existing customers on POS point to the correct price groups.

Improvements to Discounts

There is now the ability to offer currency based discounts in addition to the current discount % functionality.
The discounts can be applied on both order and orderline level.
The Admin has the ability to limit discount amounts to staff users via the Neto control panel and navigating to POS settings.
Improvements to Orderline Level Discounts

Improvements to User Permissions

Roles and Permissions

Improvement to the existing User permissions on POS specifically to limit the Pay later functionality availability to all staff users by creating a new permission group for POS > Payments.

The pay later feature is enabled by default for admin users and disabled for all other staff.

New hardware Integration

Ability to print product information with barcodes on labels via Neto POS using Dymo 450 printer. This eases up the process as merchants can scan the labels and Add items to cart or scan and search for items to retrieve product information.

The user has the ability to choose the information they wish to display on labels from:
Product name
The printer set up documentation is available in our Neto support documentation.

Other changes

POS users on trial are now restricted from trading unless they are on paid subscription plan. Both printed and email receipts are marked with DRAFT.

Version updates to customers - POS customers will now be notified with every POS release and they have the option to upgrade to the latest POS versions.

Minor bug fixes

  • Link to Cpanel to dispatch Layby orders
  • Reduce font size for Receipt Headers
  • Update customer screen to include Ship Title
  • Add ABN to emailed sale/refund receipts
  • Allow for Configurable tax names
  • Only products that are approved to show Neto POS should appear on Neto POS

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Last Modified: 18/07/2018