Neto POS 1.3

Major Features

  • Added the ability to perform refunds in Neto Point-of-Sale - this feature is only available for sites on eCommerce version 6.2.0 or later.
  • Added the ability to login to Neto POS without a PIN if one has not been created for a staff member.
  • Added the ability to Add/Edit products from within Neto POS - currently does not include variations or kitted products, but we are working on it!
  • Added the ability to override the dollar amount of a product without needing to specify a percentage discount to be applied to the order line.
  • Added a quick cash button for when customers give you the exact money. This makes finalising a sale much quicker.
  • Changed the categories drop down list to a be a left hand navigation menu which is always visible.
  • Added support for Star mPOP on iPad
  • Added support for Star TSP100/TSP143 LAN Printer

Major Fixes

  • Double clicking the card payment button would add several "Paid on card" buttons (iPad only)
  • Customers were being created without a user group
  • Cash sales attempted to open the cash drawer and would lock the application (iPad only)
  • Shift closure amount expected was being stored as null instead of '0.00'
  • Refunding zero price items did not function correctly
  • Product Categories were not showing due to invalid content types

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Last Modified: 24/07/2017