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How do I create an RMA for a kitted product?

Creating an RMA for a kitted item is the same as for a non-kitted item. However, it may be useful to note that there are two ways to create a new order if a replacement part(s) is required.

To create an order with kit components

To create a new order with all the components of the kitted item listed, click the order number from the RMA screen. You can now edit the order by adding and removing components.

To create an order with kitted item only

To create an order with just the kitted item SKU (all components), close the RMA and click “create new order from this RMA”.

This generates a replacement order with the all the components under one SKU. If required, you can still edit the order from this screen.

You can remove the kit and add the desired component(s) if required.

To view detailed instructions on returning stock, crediting or refunding a customer, click here.

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