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What is a customer dispute?

Disputes are different to Return Merchandise Authorisations (RMA’s). If a customer is required to return an item you would issue them with an RMA based on the outcome of their dispute.

A dispute is how a customer can lodge a complaint or notify the seller of a problem with an order through their account login on the merchant website.

Disputes are sent to your configured system email address. To check, navigate to Setup & Tools > Business Details and navigate to the System e-mail address.

To access your disputes from the Neto dashboard, navigate to Customers > Disputes.

How do customers raise a dispute?

Customers can raise disputes by logging into their online account and clicking on the dispute or resolution centre. They will then be taken through a step by step process to create a new dispute. Only customers with orders can raise disputes against those orders.

Once raised, a dispute is issued a case number. This case number is unique to the dispute. All correspondence related to that dispute is stored under that case number.

Types Of Disputes

There are two types of disputes (you can filter by these):

  • Payment (disputes relating to payments)
  • Item (disputes relating to items)

Reasons For Disputes

There are a number of reasons offered for disputes (you can filter by these):

  • Item no received
  • Item significantly different from described
  • Item dead on arrival
  • Item not working
  • Wrong item
  • Unauthorised Transaction
  • Overcharge

You can filter your disputes by reason.

How can I respond to a dispute?

New disputes will appear on the Control Panel dash board as new open disputes as well as in the dispute list.

Disputes can be filtered by:

  • Case #
  • Order ID
  • Customer
  • Dispute type
  • Reason
  • Status
  • Date

To respond to an open dispute, click on the case number or reference number.

Details of the dispute will then be displayed along with all correspondence relating to that dispute.

You can then:

  • Respond to dispute using the integrated messaging system
  • Mark as Under Review
  • Create RMA directly from dispute
  • Close dispute

If you respond to the case, the customer will receive the response via email. The response will also be posted in their online user account and the case status will change to “Waiting Response from Customer”.

Customers can view all past dispute correspondence, the current status of a dispute etc via their online user account. Customer can also reply to, add new messages and close disputes from within their online user account.

Can I create an RMA (Return Authorisation) from the dispute?

When a customer adds a new message or responds to a dispute, the status will change to “Response Required”.

You can create an RMA for disputed items directly from the dispute screen. Click on the “Create New RMA” button to create an RMA for the disputed items.

Can I edit the Dispute Centre Email Templates?

From the Neto dashboard, go to Setup & Tools > All settings & tools.

Under System Templates click Email Templates.

Click on Dispute Emails and select the email template you wish to edit.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017 Neto Version: 6.5