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How do I refund a payment?

How do I refund a payment to a customer?

You must create an RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorisation) on all orders where a credit or refund is required despite whether or not the product has been sent out.

If you are unfamiliar with creating an RMA, you can visit our support guide here.

To get started, go to Sales Orders > Returns & Credits

Click on the RMA ID number you wish to refund.

On the bottom right hand side of the RMA, click the Issue Refund button.

If you get stuck at this point, ensure a suitable Outcome in the RMA has been selected.

If you don’t see the Issue Refund button then it’s likely you have not completed the RMA process.

Select the Payment Method to refund the payment to and press Process Refund

Note: You will have to manually refund the customer as this is not done by Neto. If you have a payment gateway installed, this will have to be done within the payment gateway itself.

Once this is done, Mark As Paid and Complete.

Are You an MYOB, Saasu or Xero User?
Refunds must be paid out manually in MYOB or SAASU using the pay money function in each. Neto will not debit the customers account in your accounting software or perform the journal entries related to a refund payment.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017