Reversing Credits

To refund a customer through your Neto control panel you must first create a credit on the customers account. The customer’s account credit can then be paid out as a refund, left as account credit or used to pay an outstanding balance.

You can reverse account credit by paying it out as a refund. In the final step of processing you would simply not pay the refund to the customer.

  1. Go to a Customer Card
  2. Go to the Payments, Credit & Account Details tab

The credit amount should be showing next to the words available credit

  1. Select pay refund
  2. Only change the payment date and amount if needed for tracking purposes
  3. In Refund Note type “refund reversal for internal tracking purposes”
  4. Click Process Refund
  5. An Admin user will need to Approve & Complete the refund

  • Last Modified: 23/11/2016