How do I bulk or batch pick or pack orders?

This article requires the Batch Order Processing addon from the Neto addon store.

Instead of working with orders one by one, there is an efficient way to process orders in bulk, including the creation of consignment labels, printing documents such as invoices and pick-slips, changing of the warehouse to be used to process the orders and the changing of order statuses.

It’s also good to be aware that order processes, including bulk processes are locked to users. Therefore two users cannot work on the same order at a time.

Changing the Order Status

From the Neto dashboard, navigate to Sales Orders > View Orders. Select all the orders you wish to make the bulk changes for and click the Change Order Status drop-down menu at the bottom and select the status you wish to change it to. A common use for this action is when you want to change everything from ‘Pick’ status to ‘Pack’ status.

Click the Apply button.

Printing in Bulk

Using the same method as above, select the orders you wish to print. you can also print out documents in bulk such as Delivery Dockets, Pick Slips, Product Labels, Order or Invoices, Shipping Labels and Shipping Documents.

Please note, depending on the order status, not all of these will be available.

Changing Warehouses

Select the orders you wish to make changes to and click the Change Warehouse button and select the warehouse you want to use to process orders.

Creating Consignments

Ensuring the orders are in the Pack Status, select the orders you wish to makes changes to and click the Create Consignments & Dispatch button.

This will ask you to confirm the changes and once you accept, you will be prompted with the shipping consignment section for each order. Once set, click the Create Shipping Consignments & Dispatch button.

  • Last Modified: 18/04/2017 Neto Version: 6.9