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Anatomy of an Order

The Neto Order screen is divided into 12 basic sections, providing you with all the information you need to process your order:

  1. Order Quick Action Menu
  2. Sales/Warehouse View Toggle
  3. Order Details Pane
  4. Combine Simliar Orders Pane
  5. Address Details Pane
  6. Order Line Details Pane
  7. Coupons and Discounts Pane
  8. Shipping Pane
  9. Custom Order Fields
  10. Order Subtotals Display
  11. Order Status Buttons
  12. Order Payments Section

Order Quick Action Menu

The Order Quick Action Menu allows you to perform the following actions:

  • Clone the current order you are viewing
  • eMail a copy of the order invoice to any email address
  • Download the order invoice as a PDF
  • Apply a Payment to the order
  • Create an RMA or Credit from the order
  • View the Customer Card
  • Print Various Order Documents:
    • Delivery Docket
    • Pick Slip
    • Product Labels
    • Address Label

Sales/Warehouse View Toggle

The Order Screen can be viewed in 2 modes:

Sales View

The Sales View of the Order Screen allows you to edit the order, take a payment (including applying credits) and view the order history

Warehouse View

The Warehouse View of the Order Screen allows you to progress the order through pick, pack and dispatch as well as create and print shipping consignments.

Order Details Pane

The Order Details Pane shows information specific to that order, such as the Order ID, Customer, Status, Date Place and Updates, Sales Channel and more.

Combine Simliar Orders Pane

Combine Orders is an Add-On. If you don't see this option in the Orders menu you will need to install the Combine Orders Add-on.

When another Outstanding orders for the same customer is available, the Combine Similar Orders Pane will display the following message:

"Orders Are Available To Combine With This Order"

You can combine orders in following status:

  • New
  • On Hold
  • Backorder

You must also ensure that the most recent order is opened in order to combine it.

Address Details Pane

The Address Details Pane is made up of a standard Billing Address section and Shipping Address Section.

TIP: If the Billing Address and Shipping Address are the same, enter the Billing Address first, then select Billing Address from the Address Book drop down to automatically populate the Billing Address Section.

Order line Details Pane

The Order Line Details Pane displays all the Product information for the order, such as:

  • Quantity
  • Quantity in Back Order (if applicable)
  • The Products SKU
  • Product Name
  • The Warehouse the Product is located in
  • The Products Price
  • The Products % Discount (If applicable)
  • The Products Coupons Discount (if applicable)
  • The Products Total
  • If the Product is Tax Free

This section may include additional custom fields, such as Serial Numbers.

Coupons and Discounts Pane

The Coupons and Discounts pane allows you to search for and apply Coupons and Discounts directly to the order. You can only apply Coupons or Discounts if the order meets the criteria.

Shipping Pane

The Shipping Pane by default will show you the Shipping Method the customer has elected at checkout. This can be changed if necessary in the Order Sales View.

Custom Order Fields

Typical Customer Order Fields include:

  • Customer Delivery Instructions
  • Gift Messages
  • Internal Notes

Additional fields can be added to this section.

Order Subtotals Section

The Order Subtotals Section display the breakdown of the Order Total. The breakdown includes:

  • Product Subtotal
  • Shipping Subtotal
  • Discount Subtotal
  • Any applicable Surcharges
  • Total Tax
  • The Grand Total
  • The Amount Outstanding

Order Status Buttons

The Order Status Buttons section displays various buttons that allow you to progress the order through the order workflow.

Depending on where your order is in the workflow, will depend on the buttons displayed in this section.

When progressing an order through the order workflow, email notifications are generated and sent to the customer to advise them of their orders status. If you do not want to notify the customer of an action, you can tick the Do not send order/invoice to customer via email checkbox.

Order Payments Section

The Order Payments Section displays the Outstanding Amount on the order as well as the Fraud Score (if applicable). You can also apply payments/credits directly to the order from this section.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017 Neto Version: 6.3