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Frequently asked questions

Do I need a second storefront to offer wholesale pricing?

You can use the same web shop for both retail and wholesale customers. The system allows you to offer different pricing for different products and even different content based on a customers assigned group.

For example, user group B can be your chosen wholesale group, and unique pricing can be set for that group on a particular product; a laptop might be sold to user group A for $500, and user group B for $350.

You can even have your wholesale customers register using a different form so that it’s unique to them.

See our article on popular wholesale features of Neto to learn more.

Can Neto record purchase order numbers?

With business to business orders customers sometimes supply a purchase order (PO) number with their order. You can enter the PO number against the customer’s order in Neto so that it appears on the customers invoice for their own accounting purposes.

Enter the purchase order number above the shipping address on your order entry screen in your control panel or at the last stage of checkout on your web shop.

Can two users work on the same order at the same time (i.e. edit the order)?

Two operators cannot work on the same order at the same time. When an operating is viewing or editing an order, the order becomes “locked” to that user.

If you navigate to an order that is currently locked to another user, the system will provide a notification, and you will be given the option to “take over” the order. You must ensure that you check with the other operator before taking over an order.

Does Neto store and send shipping tracking numbers to my customers?

A tracking numbers is generated by Neto and stored during the pick, pack and dispatch process.

If you are not using a carrier integration with Neto, you can still manually add tracking numbers to your orders.

It is then emailed to the customer once it is created. After the pack process, you can access tracking numbers by drilling into the order and scrolling down to the bottom.

In this section, there is an option to manually email a copy of the tracking number to the customer.

Does the system support decimals in order quantities?

The system does not support selling in decimals. All items must be invoiced in whole numbers.

What's the maximum number of lines you can add to an order?

The maximum number of order lines per order is 128. You can have any quantity of product per order line.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017 Neto Version: 6.5