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Applying a Credit to an Order

You can apply an account credit to an order from within the payments section of an order.

  1. Locate the order you want to apply the credit to
  2. Click on the “Apply Payments” button or scroll down to the payments section
  3. Click the “pay now” radio button
  4. Click “Pay with Available Credit”
  5. Select the credit to use
  6. Click receipt payment order button to apply the credit

Are you Note for MYOB, Saasu and Xero User? If you are using the MYOB, Xero or Saasu accounting integration you will need to also apply credits in these programs manually. You can utilise the “Credits to Apply” report in Neto to obtain a list of credits that need to be manually applied.

Go to: Admin > Credits to Apply, to locate a list of credits that need to be applied in your accounting system. Once you apply a credit in your accounting system you can mark the credit as “Applied and Approved”.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017