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Can I assign different invoice layouts / designs to different customers?

Each customer and order in your system can be assigned its own invoice layout. You can also change the order/invoice layout for each order/invoice in your system by selecting your desired document template from the drop down list available in the billing section of each order/invoice or by changing the default document template assigned to a customer in the Payment details section on the customer's card.

Neto offers a custom document template design service or if you have web design skills you can create/edit your own document layouts that can then be used system wide.

The following documents can be customised using this system:

  1. Invoices / Orders
  2. Adjustment Notes

The system will automatically convert the HTML versions of the above documents into a PDF document.

Example usage: If a specific customer requires a special invoice layout then you can create a custom invoice template that can then be assigned to that customer’s card. All invoices/orders received by the customer will be in this format.


Assigning A Custom Document Template To A Customer

You can assign the custom document template that will be used for a customer from within the customer's card. From the Neto dashboard, navigate to Customers > View customers & prospects and edit the customer you wish to change. Scroll down to the Payment details section. Select the template set from the drop down list and save the change. The assigned document template will then be used for all future orders, adjustment notes and quotes for that customer.

Assigning A Custom Document Template To An Order/Invoice

You can assign the default document format that will be used for a specific order. Simply navigate to Sales Orders > View Orders and edit the order you wish to change. Scroll down to the billing address section and select the document format. After selecting a document format save your changes before printing or send the order/invoice.

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Last Modified: 18/07/2018 Neto Version: 6.9