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Generating Consignment Labels

You can add shipping consignments for an order when it is in the Pack or Dispatched status.

  1. Scroll down to the Shipping Pane.
  2. Here you can choose to either Auto Generate a Shipping Consignment or Manually Add a Shipping Consignment.

    • An auto generated shipping consignment will use your pre-defined settings to automatically generate a consignment based on the products ordered and the shipping method selected by the customer.
    • Manually added consignments give you the freedom to manually define the shipping method used.

  3. After adding a consignment you can add or edit the shipping articles under that consignment. This includes editing the dimensions and weight of each article. Each article will generate a label.

    • You can change the selected shipping method for a consignment from the drop down list at the top left of the consignment.
    • Click Create Consignments & Dispatch to generate consignment labels and mark the order as dispatched or click Save Changes to create consignments without changing the order status.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017