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What do the different order statuses mean?

Orders are organised into statuses for easier order management. You can quickly track the 
progress of an order by seeing what status it is in. 
Order status list and description: 
  • Quote: Quote not yet changed to order (stock not reserved) 
  • New: New order not yet processed (stock reserved) 
  • Hold: Order on hold to be checked (stock reserved) 
    Orders with warnings (eg. payment required or check address) will go to on-hold status until they are manually approved for processing 
  • Backorder: Order on backorder for later shipment on arrival of stock (stock reserved) 
  • Pick: Order pending picking (stock reserved) 
  • Pack: Order pending packing / shipping label generation (stock removed) 
  • Pending Dispatch: Order partially dispatched, pending complete dispatch 
  • Dispatched: Order fully dispatched, all order lines shipped 
  • Uncommitted: Order on hold until future date (stock uncommitted / not reserved) Ideal in cases where you are taking orders well in advance of shipment date and don’t want pending orders to affect available stock levels 
  • Cancelled Order: cancelled (stock uncommitted / not reserved) 

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