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How do I delete an order?

You can delete orders when they are in the Cancelled status. To delete an order first change the order status to Cancelled and then delete the order. You must be an administrator to perform this action.

Please Note: If payment has already been made on the order you will need to refund the customer manually, cancelling an order does not return funds to the customer.

Cancelling an order

  1. To cancel an order from the Neto Dashboard, navigate to Sales Orders > View Orders and and filter the orders to the order(s) you want to delete is displayed in the list.

  2. Select an order by checking the box on the left, and in Bulk Actions select Cancelled from the Change Order Status drop down. Then click on Apply.

    The product(s) will now be moved back into stock and be available for purchase again.

Deleting an order

  1. Once you’ve cancelled your order, navigate to Sales Orders > Cancelled.

  2. Select orders to delete by checking the box on the left of each order, and click Bulk Delete Selection.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017 Neto Version: 6.8