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How do I setup goals in Google Analytics?

Goals are a versatile way to measure how well your site fulfills your objectives. You can set up individual goals to track discrete actions, like cart abandonment.

Setting Up E-commerce Tracking

If you are simply wanting to track sales conversions in Google Analytics you do not need setup goals. Instead, you can simply turn on e-commerce tracking in your Google account settings. The Google tracking code pre-installed in your Neto website and is already compatible with Google e-commerce tracking.

Setting Up Goals in Google Analytics

Login to your Google Analytics account. If you haven’t already setup your Google Analytics and Google Console verification, please do so before proceeding further.


The URLs that Neto generates at checkout cannot be used for goal setup as they are not unique to each stage of the checkout process. Instead Neto passes “hidden” static URLs to Google instead. Below are the “hidden” URL’s for goal destinations on your Neto website. You will need these when setting up your goals in Google Analytics.

Checkout Complete URL:

Shopping Cart URL:

Address and Payment (one page checkout):

Contact Form Submission Complete:

Tracking cart abandonment with goal tracking

Below is the setup for the end goal of a successful customer purchase. You can use this setup to track cart abandonment.

  1. Once logged in to Google Analytics, click on the Goals option under All Web Site Data to start the setup.

  2. Click the New Goal button.

  3. Within the Goal template setup, select Place an order and click Continue.

  4. Fill out the details as per the screenshot below.

  5. Click Save.

Custom Static Page URL’s

If there is a page you want to add as a destination URL in your goal setup but you do not have a static URL for it, you can add the following tag to the related pages source code.

[%GA_FUNNEL%]/page.html[%END GA_FUNNEL%]

Note: replace “/page.html” with the name of URL you want to identify the page by. The content of this tag will be recognised by Google as the pages static URL.

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