How do I setup XML sitemaps for Google?

Neto automatically generates and submits sitemaps to Google on a daily basis.

How do I turn on Sitemaps?

Neto administrators will turn on your google sitemaps during the “Go Live” process on your website.

You can however turn this on at any time by following the steps below.

  1. From Neto dashboard, go to Setup & tools > All settings & tools
  2. Under Processes & Scheduled Jobs heading, click on System Scheduled Tasks
  3. Look for the process Name called Site Map, tick the checkbox and mark as Active

To generate your site map instantly, click on the green “run” button, on the right of the site map job.

Set Up Google Sitemaps

To utilise this features simple signup for a Google webmaster account by going to:

Create an account for the same domain name that your website is located at. Our system will automatically send your site maps to Google daily. You will be able to view the status of your sitemaps in your Google webmaster account > Site Maps section.

If your sitemaps do not appear in your Google account, you can add them manually. Use the URL specified below when adding your sitemaps to Google.

View Your Sitemaps

Your site map index file is located at:
(replace with your own domain name)

Add the above URL to your Google webmaster tools account. Google will then read all your sitemaps automatically.

If a single sitemap cannot handle all of your pages, then additional site maps will be created on the fly as per Google’s requirements. These will be added to your site map index.

Why does Neto use ‘sitemap_index.xml’ instead of ‘sitemap.xml’?

Some of our customers have extremely large websites with large numbers of both products and categories. Most search engines have limits on the size of the sitemap that you can submit to them but they support having multiple sitemap files. The ‘sitemap_index.xml’ file is an XML file that lists multiple XML sitemap files. By using the sitemap index instead of a single sitemap file you are making sure that you do not have to update your webmaster tools if you outgrow having a single sitemap file.

  • Last Modified: 18/11/2016